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Holy Child Academy Students

Holy Child Academy (HCA) is an independent, Catholic school for boys and girls of all faiths in Nursery through Grade 8. HCA's 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio is the right-size classroom for students to receive the individual attention that leads to personal growth, self-assurance, and achievement. By being lovingly pushed and embraced through any challenge, students develop a joyful spirit and a hopeful outlook that they can creatively tackle any obstacle they encounter. 

Founded in 1927, Holy Child Academy strives to educate students diverse in race, culture, and religious beliefs. The goal is for each child to develop his or her God-given talents and abilities for the betterment of society. HCA is part of a global network of Holy Child schools founded by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Holy Child Academy fosters a strong sense of community within the school. With faculty and staff who are committed to creating a safe and stimulating environment, parents who believe in the mission of the school, and students who respect one another and offer friendship and support, HCA is known for its family like atmosphere. The relationships established at the school extend well beyond graduation, as evidenced by HCA alumni maintaining strong connections with classmates, teachers, and staff.

The school’s location in Drexel Hill, PA, a diverse, near-the-city suburban neighborhood, creates an accessible geographic convergence of people and cultures. Diversity—in all of the ways it can be defined—is deeply authentic at Holy Child Academy, and there is a true appreciation for the value it brings to all aspects of the student experience. 

Gratitude is a hallmark of the Holy Child way. Students embody humility and sincerity in how they carry themselves and express their accomplishments. It is through this sense of gratitude that students are empowered to shape the future.



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At Holy Child Academy, each student's unique talents are celebrated and contribute to a thriving scholastic community. Inspired by the educational ideals of Cornelia Connelly, foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ), we approach all children as individuals and meet each student’s needs. Our faculty and staff stimulate eager minds with challenging academic, co-and extra-curricular programs designed to enrich and fascinate. We emphasize respect for the individual, and we are dedicated to the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development of each child.