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Strategic Priorities

Vision Statement

By 2027, Holy Child Academy will celebrate its centennial as an educational destination, and the pre-eminent, independent elementary school in Delaware County. It will provide instruction grounded in Catholic values and take a leadership role in technology, performing arts and innovative curriculum, while benefitting from its membership in an international network of schools.

Holy Child students will develop emotional intelligence and learn resilience as members of a diverse, welcoming community located in a 21st century physical plant that features innovative spaces and resources designed to promote collaboration, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. They will be uniquely prepared to master challenges presented by the area’s top high schools, as well as future collegiate and professional environments.

Strategic Priority 1: Ensure financial stability by creating a sustainable business model built around strong enrollment, robust philanthropy and auxiliary revenue sources.

Strategic Priority 2: Market the school’s unique product and values through multiple channels, focusing on high-quality academics, strong outcomes, relative affordability, and authentic, inclusive community.

Strategic Priority 3: Embrace a broad-based approach to development, generating support among the traditional HCA community as well as outside individuals and organizations aligned with HCA’s mission.

Strategic Priority 4: Feature a campus environment that fully supports the educational program and represents HCA’s independent status.

Strategic Priority 5: Ensure a high-quality faculty, staff, and administration by directing resources toward effective recruitment and retention, and providing robust opportunities for professional development.

Strategic Priority 6: Provide outstanding academic programs for early childhood, lower school, and middle school, each designed to nurture and challenge students to develop intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, with rigorous foundations and distinctive innovations.

Strategic Priority 7: Feature a strong, inclusive community that’s diverse and welcoming to people of all races, ethnicities, income levels and spiritual traditions.

Strategic Priority 8: Embrace new ideas, new approaches and new ways of thinking in order to advance HCA’s mission and meet the needs of both the internal and external communities.