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Lower School (Grades 1-4)

LANGUAGE ARTS - Students learn and practice the necessary skills to become accomplished readers, writers, and public speakers. As they master the fundamentals of grammar and correct usage, children discover how to research, report, and present. Literature is infused into all subjects, and reading and writing extend across the curriculum.

MATH - From operations with whole numbers to geometry and fractions, students rely on Montessori and other manipulative materials, technology, and project-based learning to master the basics, problem solve, and progress as far as their abilities can take them.

SCIENCE - Hands-on activities, projects, and experiments acquaint students with the scientific method. As they hypothesize, observe, record, and draw conclusions, students begin to appreciate, understand, and analyze the world around them.

RELIGION - Religion is taught by example and deed, and it comes to life through service projects, buddy activities, and participation in liturgical celebrations. Children learn to pray and to understand that God’s loving presence inspires daily life.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Spanish classes awaken students to new perspectives and cultures. With an emphasis on listening and speaking, Spanish instruction engages students in real life activities and lays the foundation for language proficiency and multi-cultural appreciation.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Social studies bring cultures near and far into focus. As they examine why and how communities grow and thrive, students learn geography and begin their virtual travels.

MUSIC - Through Kodály and Orff methodology, students are immersed in the music of many cultures and eras. Performance opportunities abound throughout the year, and Third Graders learn the recorder and can join the vocal choir.

ART - Students learn aesthetics along with art history and criticism. Immersion in drawing, still life, collage, papier-mâché, print making, weaving, and ceramics broadens their understanding of line, shape, form, texture, and color.

TECHNOLOGY - Smartboards, iPads, Netbooks, and a multitude of applications and online resources expand learning at all levels. Children learn how to keyboard, to conduct Internet research with appropriate search engines, and to use Word and presentation software.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ATHLETICS - Children thrive with twice daily recess in addition to multiple weekly physical education classes and optional participation in cross country, basketball, and soccer

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