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Middle School (Grades 5-8)

LANGUAGE ARTS - Students refine their communication and study skills, abilities that serve them well in the classroom and beyond. While gaining a deep appreciation for all literary genres, they practice varied forms of writing and hone grammar and correct usage skills. Eighth Graders produce formal research papers and interdisciplinary capstone projects.

MATH - In small instructional groups, students progress as far as their abilities can take them, including high school geometry. Technology, online resources, and national competitions like Continental Mathematics League enrich a rigorous and challenging curriculum.

SCIENCE - Scientific inquiry encompasses earth, space, biology, physics, and chemistry. STEAM activities, an Organic Garden, and a Dissection Club enhance the curriculum, and overnight excursions immerse students in real-life science. An annual science fair develops academic, presentation, and time management skills and gives students opportunities to compete at school and in the community.

RELIGION - Through classroom instruction, liturgical celebrations, and community outreach, students gain a deeper understanding of the essentials of the Catholic faith and Christian living. Discussions offer insights into scripture, Church history, and morality.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Spanish proficiency rapidly increases as students are immersed in lively, interactive classes led three to four times weekly. Students earn national and local recognition on the National Spanish Examination and at the Spanish Oral Expo.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Social studies encompass the people, places, and cultures of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, with concentrations on the history and geography of Pennsylvania and the United States. An interdisciplinary approach is emphasized, and projects, presentations, and field trips enrich classroom activities.

ART AND MUSIC - Young artists create in all media and acquire an appreciation of artistic expression across centuries and continents. Music instruction includes composing along with playing the recorder, Appalachian dulcimer, and handbells. Participation in theatrical productions and instrumental and vocal groups provide numerous performance opportunities at school and in the community.

TECHNOLOGY - With Smartboard-equipped classrooms and one-to-one Netbooks and Chromebooks, technology is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum in a GAFE (Google APPS For Education) environment. With the Tinkercad program and 3D printer, students create and print 3D models.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ATHLETICS - Physical education classes and robust athletics develop skills and foster sportsmanship. Whether participating in instructional soccer or basketball or playing on interscholastic cross country, track/ field, soccer, volleyball, basketball, or softball teams, athletes enjoy the benefits of a no-cut program.



Holy Child Academy offers Middle School students (Grades 5-8) a variety of co- and extra-curricular activities. These activities build confidence, develop leadership and teamwork skills.

In addition to athletics, students can participate in the following activities:

Student Council (Grades Six to Eight);
Junior Choir (Grades Three to Five);
Senior Choir (Grades Six to Eight);
Handbell Choir (Grades Seven to Eight);
Jazz Band/Wind Ensemble (Grades Five to Eight);
HCA Dragons Rock Band (Grades Four to Eight);
Ambassadors (Grades Seven and Eight);
Safety Patrol (Grades Seven and Eight);
Altar Servers (Grades Six to Eight);
Girls Scout Juniors (Grades Four and Five);
Intramural Volleyball (Grades Five to Eight);
One-Act Plays (Grades Five to Eight);
School Show (Grades Four to Eight);
and Stage Crew (Grade Eight).

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