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The Outdoor School at College Settlement

For more than 30 years, Fifth and Sixth Graders have spent three days in the fall camping at the Outdoor School at College Settlement in Horsham, PA. Established as a camp to prepare young people to make a positive impact on the world, the Outdoor School uses its 235 acres of woodlands, fields, and streams as a classroom focused on environmental issues.

The overnight field trip consists of:

  • Group challenges and team building exercises

  • An evening science scavenger hunt

  • Four 1 ½ hour long hands-on outdoor science lessons about the environment, ecology, and nature

  • A camp fire complete with sing-a-longs and skits

  • A tree planting ceremony

The trip incorporates the science curriculum for Fifth and Sixth Graders, and offers students a hands-on classroom for the concepts they are learning at school. Fifth Graders focus on populations, ecosystems, food chains, and food webs, while Sixth Graders learn about conservation, recycling, and energy.
The trip also builds a sense of community among the students. They leave the Outdoor School with memories that last a lifetime, and a connection with their classmates based on their shared experience.