Communication #2 July 13th, 2020

Dear Families of Holy Child Academy,
First and foremost, I pray that you are all enjoying a safe summer with your families. Our faculty and staff are continuing to diligently prepare for our return to in-person instruction in September. We have reflected on the unprecedented challenges of this past spring, and are making every effort to prepare for a safe and engaging year ahead. Below are a few points of information I wanted to share to ensure you are informed over these summer months:

  • The HCA diversity committee will be hosting brainstorming/planning sessions this summer to foster open discourse surrounding diversity. We invite all families who are interested in participating to contact Mrs. Julie Myers at no later than July 17th. We believe in advancing our mission of educating boys and girls of all faiths, races, and ethnicities in an environment of trust, respect, and inclusion, preparing students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.   
  • On behalf of the School Reopening Task Force, thank you to all families who provided their feedback through the parent survey. Your thoughts provided great insight, and are being carefully considered as we continue to prepare for a new academic year.
  • As you may or may not be aware, some schools have announced their plans to implement a version of hybrid classes, both in person and virtually, for this Fall. To clarify, at this time, HCA does not plan to implement hybrid instruction. We will be resuming classes in-person, 5 days a week. Our small class sizes not only allow for individualized attention in the classroom, but also will allow us to instruct while practicing safe social distancing.
  • The School Reopening Task Force has been working diligently to create a comprehensive plan for the safe reopening of school. The plan is being reviewed by our HCA Board of Trustees as well as a prominent physician who is a leader in infectious disease in the region. We look forward to sharing our detailed plan for school reopening by the end of July.
  • While we continue to work on a detailed plan to share with you, we have begun the process of adapting our classrooms to ensure safe social distancing; purchasing industrial-strength cleaning and sanitation tools; preparing for masking during the school day; investing in new educational software and technologies; and prioritizing professional development for our faculty and staff. To date, our faculty and staff have collectively attended more than 80 trainings and webinars pertaining to safe school reopening; technology; distance learning; diversity and more.
Please rest in the knowledge that we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality education in a safe and inclusive learning environment. We look forward to communicating all of the steps we have already taken and will be taking during the school year for our students.
Yours in Gratitude,


Margaret Fox-Tully                                                  

Head of School  

Communication #1 June 22, 2020

Dear Holy Child Academy Community,

Thank you again for your adaptability, positivity, commitment and engagement during what was an unconventional academic year. As we look forward to September and the start of a new school year, the health and safety of our students, HCA families, and faculty and staff is our greatest priority. We plan to reopen in September offering in-person instruction full time, five days a week. In preparation for next academic year, HCA has established a School Reopening Task Force focused on implementing new protocol and policies in an effort to protect our HCA community and meet federal and local guidelines.

This task force is exploring issues like personal protective equipment; developing a health and safety plan for students, faculty and parents; emergency protocol; facility modifications; athletics and extracurricular activities; revision to daily school operations; transportation; and more. The members of this task force are dedicated to ensuring a safe yet engaging academic environment for all students amidst these necessary changes and committed to maintaining HCA’s unique close-knit, family culture.

The members of the task force and the subcommittees include:

Dr. Rebecca Kellich - Chair

Mrs. Margaret Fox-Tully - HCA Head of School

Ms. Jennifer Hoffman - Leading School Operations Subcommittee

Mr. Scott Hartsock - Leading Facilities Subcommittee

Mrs. Andrea Devenney - Leading Athletics and Extracurriculars Subcommittee

Mrs. Lori Minner - Leading Health and Safety Subcommittee

Mrs. Tricia Richards - Leading Health and Safety Subcommittee

Mrs. Annie Barrera - Leading Teaching and Learning Subcommittee

Mrs. Claire Lewis - Leading Communications and Community Subcommittee

Ms. Laura Zowney - Leading Communications and Community Subcommittee

Mrs. Cecilia Ulmer - Leading Wellness Subcommittee

Mrs. Donna Kyle of Kyle & Associates - Leading Finance Subcommittee

Ms. Judy Kurland, BSN - Holy Child Academy school nurse

Rev. John Swope - President, St. Joe’s Preparatory and HCA Trustee

Mrs. Christine Viggiano - Speech/Language Pathologist & HCA Trustee

Ms. Melissa Englund - Associate Director of Academic Operations, Drexel University & HCA Trustee

In addition, the task force is seeking input from faculty, staff and families, specifically regarding remote instruction. Please use the button below to provide your feedback. Over the course of the summer, you will be receiving updates and information from this task force so that you may feel prepared and comfortable for the year ahead at HCA. We are committed to providing you with timely information and thorough preparation for the 2020-2021 academic year.

We look forward to sharing another update in July.

Yours in Gratitude,


Margaret Fox-Tully                                                  

Head of School                                          



Holy Child Academy
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