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Celebration Month

Each month we celebrate an aspect of our diversity as a community.

These Celebrations Include:

*People highlighted with pictures and brief bios on the morning announcements.

*People in different fields/ categories highlighted with pictures and brief bios adorn the hallways.

* Prayers by people in this demographic are prayed as a school in the AM.

* Pertinent classroom activities.

* End of month school-wide celebration with age-appropriate activities.

If you are or know someone who could add to our celebration of a particular month by sharing his/her experience, heritage, faith, career, etc. with one or more of our classes, please contact Julie Myers (

September - Hispanic Heritage Month

October - All Abilities/ Learning

November - All Religions

December - All Families

January - Native Heritage

February - Black History Month

March - Women's History

April - Arab American Heritage

May - Asian and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month