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Fire Safety

Last week, HCA had a fire drill run by the local fire department.  The firefighters were impressed with how quickly and quietly the students got out of the building.  After the drill, the students were allowed to examine the pumper truck.  We even received a guided tour by one of the firefighters!  He explained to the students about the different parts of the truck and very patiently answered all of their questions.  The in-person visit by the fire trucks was great timing to go along with our social studies lesson on fire safety!


*Next week, P.E. is Thursday.

*HCA's Halloween parade will begin promptly at 8:15 am on Monday, October 31st.  The parade will be held on the field outside, weather permitting.  Parents are welcome.  Monday, October 31st will be a noon dismissal.  There will be no lunch or HCA Plus.

*This year, the mission HCA is supporting is the Bethesda Project.  We are asking that each family support this mission by donating $5.00

*On Monday, October 31st, the students should come to school dressed in their costumes.  All students should wear play clothes under their costumes, so they will be able to participate in the Halloween themed activities after the parade, more comfortably.  Costume "weapons", such as guns, swords, bows and arrows, etc., will not be permitted.

*The Grandparents' Association bake sale will be held on Monday, October 31st with items available for purchase during the event.

*Tuesday, November 1st is a student holiday. School will resume on Wednesday, November 2nd.

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