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Lower school students have been working hard in Spanish class. First graders learned how to count and write numbers 0-20 in Spanish. To wrap up their unit on los numeros, they played a matching game and BINGO.

Second graders also spent some time reviewing their numbers with various writing, counting, and listening activities. They also put their knowledge to the test with a round of BINGO and ultimately learned how to solve simple math equations using addition and subtraction for numbers from 0-20. I encourage you to quiz them on their numbers at home, in the grocery store, anywhere you see an opportunity for them to put their knowledge to practice.

¡Mil gracias!
Sra. DeLuca

A message from the HCA leadership team to families:

Thank you to everyone who already has submitted responses on our family survey. Your feedback plays an important role in our planning and decision-making. If you have not already done so, please complete the attached survey by Monday, November 21, 2022.  As always, thank you for your engagement and support.


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