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HCA Ofrenda: Updated 10/28/22

October 28: Students in PreK-Grade 8 have been discussing the holiday, Día de los Muertos, in class through stories, photos, and videos that capture the beauty of this cultural and spiritual tradition in Mexico. Our younger students have also helped color calaveras (skulls) and mariposas (butterflies) to adorn the ofrenda

It has been incredible to see even our youngest students embrace the reverence of the ofrenda and understand its purpose as both a memorial and celebration of life for our school community. Middle school students have read several Spanish prayers this week over the announcements to also connect us to the spirituality of this holiday. 

Thank you to all of our families who have shared the beautiful photos, memories, and prayers for your loved ones over the past several weeks. If you would still like to submit a photo for the ofrenda, please email it directly to me at

October 14: Today, students in Grade 7 (septimo) helped to create papel picado and cempasúchil, which will be displayed on the ofrenda. Papel picado represents the union between life and death. This delicate tissue paper also signifies the fragility of life. It is often displayed on the ofrenda because of its lightweight material; when it moves, it lets families know that their loved ones have arrived. Cempasúchil, or Aztec marigolds, were the symbolic flower of death in Aztec culture. Candles and fresh marigold flowers are often placed on ofrendas to light and guide the way of the souls to the altar. 


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