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5to: Emociones y condiciones

This week in Spanish class, fifth graders talked about a favorite middle school topic -- feelings and emotions!

In Spanish class, we are learning the uses of the verb estar, one of two verbs (the other being ser) in the Spanish language used as a "being" verb. In addition to learning the conjugations of estar, they discussed how to apply it in verb phrases with feelings and conditions. 

To assist in their memorization of new vocabulary terms, they helped recreate visual representations to use as new class posters. Enjoy them below and look for them around the Spanish room when you visit this week for conferences!


Dates for the National Spanish Exam and National Spanish Challenge are as follows:

- Grade 8: Friday March 24
- Grade 5: Monday, March 27
- Grade 6: Monday, March 27
- Grade 7: Monday, March 27

Please reach out as soon as possible if your child has any issues with their NSE/NSC date. Mil gracias!

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